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datesWorkshop Dates

There are four sets of Workshops that run through out the year. Each set of workshops are 11 weeks long, with an average of two or three weeks in between them. Mark your calendars!

Our 2016 Schedule
Winter block starts: January 2, 2017 ends March 19, 2017
Spring block starts: April 3, 2017 ends June 18, 2017
Summer block starts: July 3, 2017 ends September 16, 2017
Fall block starts: October 2, 2017 ends December 17, 2017


Application & Registration: The deadline to apply or to register is the last day of the month before the semester starts.

Apply for the Creatures Animation Workshops

All applicants must submit a demo reel. Applicants whose demos reels show the most promise will be accepted into the workshop for which they can demonstrate the prerequisite skills. Once accepted you will receive an e-mail telling you which workshop will suit your current skill level and most benefit your path of learning.
For time-zone purposes in case of acceptance.
Please use only a Vimeo or Youtube link.
Disclaimer: We do not offer job placement or college credit. We only offer you the chance to enhance your skills for your own enjoyment or to improve your on-the-job performance. Due to the limited number of participants in each group, refunds will not be given after the lesson begins. Please make sure you have the time and resources to complete a workshop before you start. In order to make sure you can hit the ground running, applicants must have some working knowledge of AutoDesk's Maya. Please visit www.jasonryananimation.com and the resource section for a free Maya basics tutorial.