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Games Workshop 1 breakdown

(Visit the apply page for the cost break down of this 11 week workshop) | PRICING & APPLY

This workshop focus on advance body mechanics, actions and reactions performances,  that are needed to give the player exciting feedback responsiveness, foundations of core gameplay and the everyday practices on designing a characters animation system.

Week 1: Posing for Games : What is a strong pose
Week 2: Trimming reference for games.
Week 3: Animation Theories and Game Design - Weight, Timing, Spacing
Week 4: Instructors Workflow
Week 5: Foundation Part 1 - Direction & Collisions Nodes
Week 6: Navigation / Locomotion
Week 7: Turns on spot, Transition
Week 8: Cover system
Week 9: Dynamic Motions, Dodging, Blocks
Week 10: Interaction with environment and game objects
Week 11: Hit Reactions and Deaths

Game Animation

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