Jason Anastas

Jason was bitten by the animation bug at a very young age, like most, watching cartoons on countless Saturday mornings with cereal bowl in hand. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He studied 2D animation and CG post grad at Sheridan College (1989-95). His animation career started in 1995 at Walt Disney Animations Studios as an animation trainee. His first task at Disney was animating CG crowds on "Hunchback Of Notre Dame". Working with a mentor, Jason continued to grow and master his skills on "Dinosaur", "102 Dalmatians", "Reign Of Fire" and "Kangaroo Jack". After a brief stint at Rhythm & Hues working on "Garfield" and "Scooby 2", he was back at Disney as a Lead Animator of "Gaston" on "Meet The Robinsons" and Sr. Animator on "Bolt" and "Tangled".

During Bolt, Jason became a mentor for the new trainees. He is currently working at Dreamworks Animation SKG. His credits include "Kung Fu Panda 2", "Puss And Boots", "Rise Of The Guardians", "The Croods" and "Peabody And Sherman". When not geeking out on "all things animation", Jason can be found blazing down Mammoth Mountain with his hair on fire....or more recently, the bunny slopes with his wife, Joan and 6-year old daughter, Sophia.

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What students have to say about Jason

I took WS2 with Jason, and I am so grateful that I chose his class for my first iAnimate workshop. Jason is a great teacher who is easy to talk with, and will give each of his student as much time as needed to explain any given topic. He has worked in animation for 20+ years, and it really comes through in the feedback, lectures his general talk about animation and the industry. In his lectures and reviews, not only would he demonstrate what to look for in order to animate proper body mechanics, he would bring up essential concepts about design and posing that I try to apply to my work everyday. He encourages his students to choose ideas for assignments that have personality and this kept more more interested in what I was animating. I feel like his class was filled with as much laughter as there was leaning, and that’s saying something because of the sheer amount of both. I improved so much in Jason’s class, and became a much more confident animator. Thank you for such an inspiring class!

Zoe McCartney

Just wanted to say that Jason Anastas is one of the best if not the best instructor at iAnimate. He is very professional and dedicated instructor I have seen so far. He take cares of every student equally and spend a lot of time with his students in reviewing assignments, often more than it should. I've learned so much in his class and I would suggest everyone who want to upgrade their skills in animation to seek for advice from this guy.

Nedim Cubro