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Rigging Workshop 4 Breakdown

This class will address non-human rigging approaches and techniques.  Topics included will be joint placement, setting up the kinematics and animation controls, and applying the skin clusters and other deformers.  

Beginning with a standard quadruped setup we will cover a 3-bone IK leg, a horizontal spine setup and an FK/IK switchable neck.   Moving on to a bat we will learn to setup wings and claws.  Last a fantasy creature will be used to demonstrate an advanced tail as well as dynamic joint chains and nCloth solvers. After completing the class students will be able to design a rig for any creature, real or imagined. (The cost of this 11 week workshop is $999) | APPLY

Week 1

Introduction to Creature Rigging: Terminology, anatomy and the unique approach to quadropeds v. bipeds.

Week 2

Setting up the Quadruped Skeleton:  Laying out the bones is the foundation for a successful rig. Anatomy  will be covered including setting up a hoofed animal versus an animal with a hand or foot, a 3 bone leg, and horizontal spine.

Week 3

Attaching the geometry: Using the new skinning methods in Maya we will attach the geometry much more quickly than before. The Artisan tool will be used to edit the skin cluster.

Week 4

The Animation Controls: The techniques for controlling the quad rig will be covered as well as creating all of the specific animation controls.  Constraints, set driven keys. and a spline IK spine will be covered.

Week 5

The Bat Skeleton: We will lay out the skeleton for the bird and will learn about wing anatomy.

Week 6

Painting the skin cluster: We will attach the geometry and edit the skin weights.

Week 7

The Wings: We will use set driven keys and utility nodes to create the wing controls.

Week 8

Setting Up the Dragon skeleton

Week 9

Painting the dragon skin weights

Week 10

Rigging the advanced tail: An FK IK/ Dynamic tail setup will be covered.

Week 11

The wings and neck: We will setup the rest of the dragon animation controls using the techniques covered in the previous weeks.


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