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About The Program

iAnimate.net is an online animation school like no other. With iAnimate you're in direct contact with veteran animators from the biggest & best studios in our industry. We are passionate about teaching animation & dedicated to giving you the knowledge to become the best animator you can be.

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Reel Review for ApplyingReel Review

Have your current reel reviewed, get feedback on your strengths and weakness, and see where you would be placed in one of our animation programs.


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iAnimate | Advanced Character Animation Training

For time-zone purposes in case of acceptance.
Disclaimer: We do not offer job placement or college credit. We only offer you the chance to enhance your skills for your own enjoyment or to improve your on-the-job performance. Due to the limited number of participants in each group, refunds will not be given after the lesson begins. Please make sure you have the time and resources to complete a workshop before you start. In order to make sure you can hit the ground running, applicants must have some working knowledge of AutoDesk's Maya. Please visit www.jasonryananimation.com and the resource section for a free Maya basics tutorial.

What to expect

The cost of this 14 week workshop is $999 | APPLY

Upon completion of this class, students will be able to texture and surface their props/assets/characters with some of the basic Maya-Mental Ray shaders and gain a foundational understanding of the various nodes in the Hyper Shade editor.

Students will have a good understanding of lighting with various kinds of lights, setting up efficient rendering, breaking up the scene into layers and the principles of good composition; to create that mood, a time of day, or that cinematic effect to compliment the story telling of their animated piece.

Moreover, it's important for all CG Artists to have a general  knowledge of the production pipeline including Surfacing, Lighting to Final Composite.

  • datesWondering When Our Next Set of Workshops Start?

    There are four sessions of Workshops ran through out the year. Each set of workshops are 11 weeks long with two weeks in between each session. Mark your calendars!

    Our 2017 Schedule Now accepting applications.
    Winter block starts: January 2, 2017 ends March 19, 2017
    Spring block starts: April 3, 2017 ends June 18, 2017
    Summer block starts: July 3, 2017 ends September 16, 2017
    Fall block starts: October 2, 2017 ends December 17, 2017

  • Feature Animation WorkshopFeature Animation Workshops

    Our Feature program is a complete set of seven workshops​. ​Each ​one ​is designed to teach the skills, workflows, and principals needed to succeed in this amazing industry. All of our instructors are currently producing the animation you see in many of your favorite feature films today. Our goal is to teach you how to create that great, believable animation; animation that connects with audiences around the world.

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  • Games Animation WorkshopGame Animation Workshops

    iAnimate Games dives deep into the physicality of animation by teaching you all about the principles of animation, advanced body mechanics, cinematics and game development. Receive live critiques that will take you to the next level and create a demo reel that will excite the audience, the players, and the recruiters! Learn to master the skills, while learning valuable workflow tips & tricks that will polish your animation & make it shine for games and cinematics.

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  • Creature Animation WorkshopCreature Animation Workshops

    Expand your imagination and learn the art of Creature animation used in today's industry. From quadrupeds locomotion to fantasy creatures swooping and attacking their prey. Gain the knowledge used to bring these characters to life. Guided by veterans from the industry, these workshops consist of live lectures, assignments and personal reviews tailored to help you develop and master the animation skills that will make you industry ready.

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  • Lighting & Compositing WorkshopLighting & Compositing Workshop

    iAnimate's Lighting & Compositing workshop is designed to help animators give their shots that professional feature film look. You will learn the process of lighting, texturing, and post work to get your shots "Reel ready". We all know at the end of the day it's your animation that will speak for you, but this workshop will help you put your work in the best possible light (PHUN intended).

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  • Motion Capture WorkshopMotion Capture Workshops

    iAnimate's Motion Capture is a set of 2 workshops of 11 weeks each in length. Designed with animators in mind, this class will deliver the essential skills and provide a startup toolkit in order to hit the ground running with Motion Capture in a production environment. Fear not Motion Capture for it too can be your friend.

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  • RWSRigging Workshop

    iAnimate Games is proud to announce a brand new rigging workshop. You'll learn the art and science of building a character rig as well as the development process and pipeline used in the industry.

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  • Workshop Dates
  • Feature Animation
  • Game Animation
  • Creature Animation
  • Lighting
  • Motion Capture
  • Rigging Workshop


Click HERE to Apply for the Feature, Games, or Rigging workshops.

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