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Articles tagged with: Jason Ryan


Jason Ryan’s live weekly demo - ‘hated the colonel’

Here is the final rendered shot from one of Jason's live weekly demos he did in our Summer 2016 term for all the iAnimate.net students. It was a great line of dialog to use with 'Albert', one of our many feature level rigs.

Visti our Feature Animation Workshop page to learn more.

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CineSite In The News!

CineSite in the news

CineSite has some big plans for the animation industry and is expanding it's feature studio in Montreal, Canada. Jason Ryan, who is the Director of Animation there, was recently interviewed about CineSite's plans and the projected 500 new jobs planned. Now is a great time to enroll at iAnimate.net :)


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Angela and Jake dialog - Jason Ryan workflow breakdown

Each week at iAnimate, in addition to students normal lecture time with their instructors, Jason Ryan does a workflow class by taking an animation assignment, similar to what members would receive (i.e. body mechanics, dialog, etc.), and animates the shot live. This process allows members to see how a top professional animator would approach planning, breaking the shot down, polishing, etc. And because it's live, as well as recorded for later viewing, attendees are able to ask questions. It's like having a second instructor. For this demo, Jason animated a two person dialog shot with our characters Jake and Angela.

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Polishing Facial Animation tips tricks with Jason Ryan

Jason Ryan presents how he polishes facial animation with one of iAnimate's latest character Angela.

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New Shorter Schedule & Lower Price!

New Shorter Schedule and Lower Pricing

We have streamlined our workshops to a four session per year schedule, along with a new price point to reflect it. What does this mean for you? You save time, money, and finish sooner! All without compromising the quality of education iAnimate has been known for. The Feature, Creature, and Game Workshops have been reduced to $1698 per workshop! So not only is the schedule more flexible and streamlined for our artists, but the price is more affordable too.

Sign Up Now for the Jan 5th Start Date by visiting: APPLY

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Lipsync Tips & Tricks with Jason Ryan

Here is a short 8 minute video from Jason Ryan's weekly demos here, on how he prepares to do facial acting and lip sync. Enjoy!

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Animation Skillnet - Animation MasterClass with Jason Ryan

MasterClass with Jason Ryan

On October 30th, Animation Skillnet will be hosting a 3D Animation Masterclass in Ireland with our very own Jason Ryan. Jason has been working in the field of animation for over 20 years and has just finished up on WDAS newest film, Big Hero 6. If you're in the area, you don't want to miss this opportunity. More information can be found at: http://animationskillnet.ie/30-10-14-3d-animation-masterclass-with-jason-ryan-1-day-thursday-30th-october/

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New Jason Ryan Animation Webinar Series - Shots for Reels

Jason Ryan Animation Webinar Series 5 - Shots for Reels

This is the webinar series that you have been waiting for. This is were all the training tutorials and webinars have come together to get your showreel to the level it needs to be. The number one question that we have heard from students and professionals is "what kind of shots are recruiters looking for?". This 10 week series starting Saturday Aug 9th, will answer exactly that question as Jason discusses, designs and animates four showreel type shots live. Read the full description HERE.

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