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Rigging Workshop 2 Breakdown

Understanding rigging principles and pipeline. This class will take the skills learned from Rigging Fundamentals and apply them to a complete character rig ready for production. (The cost of this 11 week workshop is $999) | APPLY


Week 1 Geometry

There are specific requirements on geometry intended for rigging. Special attention will be paid to topology, resolution and edge flow. Students will be provided acharacter for the class or may use their own.

Week 2 Twist Joints

Non anatomical joints are added to parts of the rig to mimic natural twistingmotion in the limbs.  Students will learn how to drive twist joints automatically.

Week 3 Skinning Part 1

The skin cluster node in Maya is the basis to any deformable rig.  How to create it and what the settings all mean be explained.  Student will begin to skin their character with special attention in the first week to torso, shoulders, knees, and elbows.

Week 4 Skinning Part 2

Painting the skin cluster continues with focus on the hands neck and feet.  Dual Quarternion skinning will be explained.  How to smooth the weights without getting too messy will be demonstrated.

Week 5 Corrective Blendshapes

While the skin cluster is the base of a deformation rig, the corrective blendshape is essential to make up for the limitations of the skin cluster.  Which shapes are essential and how to process the corrective shape will be demonstrated.

Week 6 Spine Setup

We will compare different methods of creating a spine.  Why to use, create and control various spine systems.  Advanced Twist will be covered.  Other methods to control the twist of the spine will be explained.

Week 7 Arm Controls

Students will learn both Forward and Inverse Kinematics   We'll cover when to use Fk vs Ik and how to control these systems. Fk/Ik switching using SDKs will be shown.

Week 8 Hand Controls

Using custom attributes and set driven curves students will learn to setup complex behaviors for the hands and fingers.

Week 9 Leg Controls

We will add the IK for the legs and setup the knee controls. A 3 bone leg will also be covered.

Week 10 Feet Controls

The classic reverse foot setup will be covered demonstrated.  Advanced setup for rolling the foot and adding FK controls to the reverse foot.

Week 11 Final review

Students will finish off the rig and prepare it for use in the animation pipeline. Students will learn how to export animation and geometry from their rigs.


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