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Summery of iAnimate.net

iAnimate.net is a complete set of workshops designed to target all your animation needs. All the assignments are specifically designed to target the troublesome areas that even we as professional animators go through on a daily basis. iAnimate is quite simply the best place to learn how to animate professionally. We have the best (and most) feature level rigs, the most Lecture and Demo content, the lowest Instructor to Student Ratio and all for less money than any of our competitors. We allow you to begin your animation studies at the right level for your current skills. You do not have to start from square one if you already know the basics, that's a waste of your time and money. You can also break for as long as you need in between workshops without any restrictions. We have all the top studios lined up to view the student graduation reels and select the animators they need for their productions.

Member's Testimonies

  • The instructors are very dedicated and eager to help students out.
    - Lisa W.
  • Through live one on one reviews with my instructors I am able to get reel time feedback for my shots...man it feels just like dailies!
    - John Paul R.
  • iAnimate just feels like a virtual studio environment and is a great way to prepare your self for the real deal.
    - Joost v.
  • The resources are splendid, the instructors are brilliant, and the community is full of so much energy.
    - Martyn S.
  • I never thought I’d learn so much in such a short amount of time.
    - Ed H.

Things we offer to all our members

JRA DemoLive weekly demos with Jason Ryan

Each week Jason does a workflow class by taking an animation sequence, similar to what members would receive (i.e. body mechanics, dialog, etc.), and animates the shot live. This process allows members to see how a top professional animator would approach planning, breaking the shot down, polishing, etc. And because it's live, as well as recorded for later viewing, attendees are able to ask questions. It's like having a second instructor.

Live and Recorded weekly reviewsLive and Recorded weekly reviews

Your work is critiqued live from top professional animators and is recorded for later review. This process is very important because it simulates the real studio "Dailies" environment. You're able to ask questions and get feedback all in real time.



Live and Recorded weekly Q&A/LecturesLive and Recorded weekly Q&A/Lectures

Each week you will have a live and recorded Q&A/Lecture time with your instructors, where you can ask instructors questions directly.




Exclusive CharactersExclusive Characters

We have by far the most amount of feature level characters available exclusively to iAnimate.net students. When studios and animators see our characters in student reels the most common response is "These characters are more appealing than ours". The characters are practically real-time and will make your showreels original and unique. As soon as you log into iAnimate.net, you can start using them.

Visit the Characters page to see samples.

JRA trainingJason Ryan Animation training

The idea for iAnimate.net was birthed out of Jason's previous training venues (i.e. his tutorial series and his webinar series). In his on-line tutorial series, found at jasonryananimation.com, Jason takes 24 animation exercises ranging from beginner, to intermediate, advanced, and quadruped. You watch as Jason plans, breakdowns, and polishes these exercise. Jason then went on to live training via his webinar series (also at jasonryananimation.com) where he would take animation exercises and sequences and animate them live, where attendees could ask questions. Both of these training series, available for iAnimate members, totals over 60 hours of training!



VaultThe Vault

Have you ever drank water from a spraying fire hydrant? Ok, us neither. BUT...if you had, you could get an idea of what it's like with the amount of additional training at your disposal through our Vault. We have hundreds of hours of training from our instructors classes, all key word searchable, in our Vault. Are you struggling with body mechanics, lip-sync, or planning and want to see how some of the other instructors have taught on this? Guess what...it's in the Vault.




Software DiscountAutodesk Software Discount

All iAnimate.net members qualify for a huge discount on the perpetual educational license, or a free 13 month license to Autodesk's Entertainment Suite. Included in the Entertainment Suite are: Maya, 3DStudio Max, Softimage, Mudbox, MotionBuilder, & Sketchbook Pro.





Exclusive CommunityExclusive Community

You're never alone here at iAniamte.net. Join animators from, literally, around the world. We have an exclusive community space where you and your industry peers can share and critique each others work before submitting shots for instructor review.





Rhino HouseRhino House discount

Rhinohouse.com provides the best video reference and online tools to analyze real-life movement and help you elevate your animation skills. These references and tools have become an integral part of the iAnimate curriculum. Rhino House offers an exclusive iAnimate student discount.


I’ve been an animator at Disney and DreamWorks for over 15 years and the instructors that I have hand picked for you are the best in the industry. Animation is a major passion of mine, there is no better feeling than seeing your characters come to life on the big screen and audiences of all ages being entertained by your hard work. While doing my Tutorials and JRAWebinars, I’ve met many animators that have paid through the nose to go to the best colleges and universities around the world and the worst part is that their teachers don’t have a clue about feature quality animation. We want to teach you the techniques that have made us the animators that we are today." - Jason Ryan
“Ten years ago, when I started DigiCel, I was happy just to provide an easy program that helped animators get the animation that’s in their hearts and their heads on to the screen. And I was proud when it became the industry standard and the animators on every major 2D animated feature including Looney Tunes: Back in Action, Rugrats Go Wild, The Simpsons Movie and The Princess and the Frog used FlipBook to preview and fine tune their animation. Now, with the launch of ianimate.net I’m thrilled to be able to contribute even more by offering the training and the tools that can help anyone learn to do film quality animation.” - Kent Braun