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Summary of the Motion Capture Workshop

Designed with animators in mind, this class will deliver the essential skills and provide a startup toolkit in order to hit the ground running with Motion Capture in a production environment. Fear not Motion Capture for it too can be your friend.


  • Each workshop below is 11 weeks in duration. Please visit the apply page for the cost break down of each 11 week workshop.


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      Motion Capture WS1 - Fundamentals

      Motion Capture is quickly becoming an industry standard. This workshop is broken up into two sections; "The Fundamental" section covers the basic of what Motion Capture is and introduces students to the core functionality of the industry leading tool for working with Motion Capture Data: Motion Builder. The "Performance Analysis and Enhancement" section focuses on high level concepts and workflows. Read Workshop Breakdown | APPLY

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      Motion Capture WS2 - Crafting a performance

      Crafting a performance using this powerful tool we call Motion Capture. We separated the workshop into two part; "The Reality" part covers the basic knowledge to get our Motion Capture ready and focus on the performance.  The "Performance Within a Shoot" section focuses on high level concepts, workflows and how we work with stunt experts and actors during a shoot. Read Workshop Breakdown | APPLY

    • Workshop 1
    • Workshop 2

Why the Motion Capture Workshop

Motion Capture is quickly becoming an industry standard and the core goal of this workshop is to build a solid foundation of understanding for one of the fastest growing art forms we see in today’s film and video game industries: Motion Capture. We’ll start by learning the most important tools, functions and workflows found within Autodesk MotionBuilder. We want our students to get comfortable with key framing within MotionBuilder, and by the end of the workshop have the ability to modifying and enhancing a performance.

Motion Capture instructor bio

  • Brent George

    Brent George

    Since 1997, Brent’s career has been enriched by many corners of the animation industry. Having spent time in Commercials, Television, Film and more recently Video Games, he has gotten a pretty good taste of what animation has to offer. During his travels Brent has worked as Animator, CG Supervisor, Producer, VFX Supervisor, Character Technical Director, Animation Director and a countless number of other roles. Most recently, Brent can be found directing a talented team of animators at WB Montreal, as well as enthusiastically imparting his knowledge onto the students at iAnimate and Dawson College’s 3D Animation and CGI program. Brent is best known for spearheading highly creative projects by assembling custom tailored teams and designing pipelines from the ground up. After which, he applies his unique flavor of collaboration and leadership in order to deliver high quality results on time and on budget.

  • Colin Graham

    Colin Graham

    Colin is currently an Animation Director Ubisoft and is a 14 year industry veteran with 12 shipped titles and is now working on Ubisoft Montreal's latest AAA blockbuster Watch Dogs. He graduated from Sheridan College in 1999 and started his career at Bullfrog/EA Europe working on several Harry Potter titles until joining Ubisoft in 2005. Over the past four and a half years, he has been developing the animation style and pipeline on Watch Dogs which has already won multiple awards.  Starting in January, Colin will be teaching his techniques and breaking down philosophies when animating and working with motion capture.

  • Simon Unger

    Simon Unger

    Simon has been animating for games for over 13 years. Most recently finishing a role as Animation Director on Hitman: Absolution for Square Enix, which won and was nominated for several awards including Best Animation (G4TV) and Outstanding Achievement in Animation (DICE 2013). Before Hitman, he spent nearly nine years with Electronic Arts, primarily in the Lead Cinematic Animator role, shipping many notable titles including MVP Baseball 2005, which was named by OperationSports.com to be "The Greatest Sports Game Ever Made". In between work and family life, Simon writes for AltDevBlogADay on animation, games, and art related topics and was also a speaker at GDC 2013 on Performance Capture in Games. Currently Simon is the Lead Animator at Robotoki on a new IP called Human Element.

  • Brent Jentzsch

    Brent Jentzsch

    Brent is an overworked father of three, including new twins.  He graduated from the Academy of Art University and went directly into working with motion capture.  After a couple short years, he started teaching at the Academy of Art University in the subjects of animation and motion capture, building the school's motion capture class.  Over the years he has become somewhat of a MotionBuilder guru, continues to teach, and has been asked to present and speak around the world at various events and conferences.  He is currently and Art Producer, Instructor and Visiting Lecturer.

  • Maks Zhuravlov

    Maks Zhuravlov

    Maks is currently a Senior Animator at Remedy Entertainment, where for over three years he has been doing mainly gameplay animation and building generic gameplay networks for upcoming Quantum Break. Overall Maks has more than 10 years of professional experience in a broad range of gameplay animation types: creatures, bipedal, keyframed from scratch or MoCap based. All mostly in Motion Builder environment.

    Besides gaming, in his free time he enjoys surrounding Finnish forests, traveling and photography, reading decent fiction and, in winter - good sauna followed by jumping into snow.

  • Brent George
  • Colin Graham
  • Simon Unger
  • Brent Jentzsch
  • Maks Zhuravlov

Motion Capture

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